Monday, April 29, 2013

Care of the Soul

"Mythology, for example, often presents a cosmology, a description of how the world came to be and how it is governed. It is important to be oriented, to have some imagination of the physical universe in which we live. That is why many mythologists have noted that even modern science, for all its factual validity, also gives us a cosmology, a mythology in a true sense of the word."

"Myth has the connotation of falsehood, as when we judge that an assumption about the way things are is "only" a myth. Myth may seem to be a flight of fancy because its imagery is often fantastic, with many gods and devils o=r impossible acts and unreal settings. But the fantastic elements in mythology are essential to the genre; they take us away from the realistic particulars of life to invisible factors that are nonetheless real."

Moore, writing about how stories -- specifically myths -- enrich and support our lives and our spirits. This comes both in religious and secular forms. We love church and we love movies, too.